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Services Overview

Acrostar Productions is an independent filmmaker who values collaboration

There's more to making a film than pre-production, production and post production. Let's collaborate to leverage our strengths and create, market and distribute independent films.

What We Do


From concept to distributed film.

Acrostar Productions creates independent films starting from the initial concept to screenplay to production through post production to distributors, resulting in an entertaining film available on a variety of platforms and/or physical media.


Working with you as  your partner.

Whether you need a Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Crew or anything in between, partner with Acrostar Productions to get your indie film project from concept to distributed film.


Providing support when needed.

Perhaps you need help raising funds, or need an online presence, or need social media marketing to push you in the right direction. Acrostar Productions helps you as needed to make sure your film is known to the world.

Films from Acrostar Productions and Acrostar Films

Let Acrostar Productions Work With You

Get Started with Acrostar Productions Today

Let us know how we can best work with you. We're looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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